ETL-Baltic Group offers a complete spectrum of services to ensure the successful commercial activity of the company: starting with accounting, continuing with tax consultations, and finishing with legal advising.

Accounting services include the preparation of financial statements and their submission to the State Tax Inspectorate or other state institutions, preparation of annual and auditing reports, consultations on accounting questions, organization of accounting documentation, analysis and preparation of reports for company management, company representation in state tax authorities, payroll accounting, assistance in the adaptation of international documents to the local legal requirements, and the implementation of accounting policies and supervision.
Tax consultations include a selection of optimal taxation modules, transfer pricing, consultations on tax and accounting issues, client representation at tax authorities, and tax refund procedures.
Legal services offer civil and commercial law consultations. ETL specializes in due diligence, direct and a tandem with law companies’ consultations on foundation, reorganization, mergers, or liquidation issues.

The majority of the present business field’s choice comes down to handing their accounts to external specialists due to the economic benefits they receive. According to the statistics and feedback from our clients, small and medium-sized companies can save up to 50% of monthly accounting expenses by relaying their accounting needs to ETL professionals.

How can it happen?

- monthly fees are less when compared to the salary of an accountant;
- no need for a work agreement and social security payments, accordingly;
- no need for additional working space;
- no need for other labour legislation provisions;
- time saved to concentrate on the core activities of the company;
- the company receives a full pack service from one service provider.

Our professionals look forward to helping make your company’s activities even more efficient…

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